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Floor Medallions

Shop…click…and buy with confidence at Medallion Outlet. Beautify and personalize your home with a stunning marble floor medallion. Shopping with us is easy:

  • Select the shape you want (Our floor medallions are available in Round, Square, Oval, and Rectangle shapes)
  • Choose a design
  • Pick your colors
  • You are ready to go

We stand behind our materials, designs, and pricing 100%, so you can be confident you’re getting an exquisite product at a competitive price. Plus, every design in our collection allows you to select the stone color for each section of the medallion. That means your gorgeous floor medallion will be customized to your tastes and your décor. Our prices do not include shipping. Due to the unique requirements of shipping a , shipping prices must be custom quoted for each order. Contact Us for more information on shipping charges.

Start browsing our extensive selection now—you will be impressed!

  • Round Medallions and Square Medallions are available in 5 sizes:

  • Oval Medallions and Rectangle Medallions are available in 4 sizes:

  • 16 Colors to Choose from:

Installed Floor Medallion

  • You choose stone color
  • Built to your size
  • Large selection of designs
  • Standard two week production
  • Shipping Accross the Continental US including:



What are floor medallions?

Floor medallions are decorative marble designs that are installed in the floor. Used in homes and in offices, floor medallions add elegance and formality to rooms, bathrooms, foyers and entryways.

Floor medallions are generally categorized by their outer shape. The most common are round floor medallions, square floor medallions, oval floor medallions and rectangle floor medallions. The design of the medallion, contained within the outer shape, is created by specially cut pieces of marble stone. Popular designs include geometric, floral, sunbursts and star shaped patterns, though there are many, more intricate design options available.

Medallion Outlet is the premiere source for in